Board of Directors

The SNTMA Board of Directors meets the first Wednesday of each month, 7:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m., at 2150 River Plaza Drive, Equity Office Conference Room, First Floor.

Minutes for meetings and the Bylaws of the South Natomas TMA are available in PDF format.


Jennifer Elwood


Jennifer is married and has three energetic, young sons. She has worked in the transportation division of CH2M HILL for over 14 years, and continues to enjoy the challenge. When she is not working or chasing her boys, she love to read, bicycle, scuba dive, and go hiking with her family.


Bill Vanderslice

Bill is our longest serving SNTMA Board member, having begun his service in 2008. While he has yet to submit a bio for this page, we wanted to recognize his tremendous efforts on behalf of the SNTMA. Having served as Secretary for a number of years, Bill became Vice-President in 2017.


Jack Haskel

Pacific Crest Trails Association

Jack first discovered SNTMA through being a bike commuter from Midtown to South Natomas. He became his office's commute coordinator and is always eager to encourage his coworkers to take advantage of SNTMA's excellent programs, from carpool benefits to Bucks for Bikes. At his office, he has helped secure SNTMA support for secure bike racks, an office share bike and other benefits.

As a board member, I'm proud to help oversee and guide SNTMA's work. I'm a strong believer in doing what we can in South Natomas to reduce the amount of air pollution and traffic congestion that's caused by so many of us driving alone to and from work. SNTMA has an extensive suite of programs to help you protect our air. Take advantage of them!


David Pavolko


Past President

Chris Antonucci

Harris & Sloan Consulting Group, Inc.

Chris has been involved with the SNTMA for the last 4 years as a commute coordinator and has been participating in May is Bike Month since 2005. Chris is an avid cyclist and bike commuter and spends most of his time on the bike pedaling up the hills in Coloma, Auburn or Foresthill. As a commuter Chris regularly incorporates the 30 mile one-way commute on the American River Bike Trail from his home near Folsom to the South Natomas area and returns via the Light Rail Gold Line.

As a commute coordinator and now a board member I am committed to promoting the use of alternate means of getting to and from our places of work. We've all become a bit numb to the idea of getting places using something other than our cars. As a Civil Engineer I became aware of the long term crisis our country faces if there isn't a shift in perception associated with the use of other forms of transportation and being a part of the SNTMA is a great way for me to be involved with affecting that change. My goal as a member of the Board is to apply my professional skills and personal experiences to improve people's perception and use of alternate means of transportation as a better alternative to driving their car.

Scott Little


Derrick Tsang

Sutter Health

Joseph Lara


Lupita Ruiz


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